How To Troubleshoot Regedit Web Client Settings

How To Troubleshoot Regedit Web Client Settings

If you are getting an error message regarding the regedit web client settings on your computer, you should check out these recovery methods.

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    This entire article provides a solution to an issue that prompts you to enter your credentials when you start browsing WebDav (Distributed Web Development and Version Control)-based Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) rides on Windows.

    Applies to: Windows 2019, Server Server 2016, Windows Server Windows 2012 R2
    Original KB number: 943280


  • You are using a Windows or vista computer with a later version of Windows.
  • You are using Webdav accessibility for a site with a fully qualified domain name.
  • In this case, your entire family will be prompted for their credentials or will be denied access, or even if the account user used has sufficient privileges to directly access this site. Also

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  • You may receive the following error message when someone is working on moved folders in File Explorer’s main view:

    Your client does not support opening this list in Windows Explorer.


    On newer computersOn Windows Vista or Windows users, the WebClient service is used to interact with Windows Explorer with a WebDAV resource. The Service Web Client uses Windows HTTP to support network I/O (winhttp) for a specific remote host.

    WinHTTP actually sends user credentials in response to requests to access local intranet sites. However, WinHTTP does not check the marketplace Internet Explorer home security zone settings to determine whether a website is running in which zone that allows automatic credential submission. No

    If the proxy is set strictly, WinHTTP will send credentials to local intranet sites for you only.

    If the URL contains dots, the server is assumed to be on the Internet. All dots mean you are using the FQDN. This way, no credentials will be successfully sent to the server unless a specific proxy is configured and if the specified awesome server should not bypass proxies.

    In this situation, you are either denied access or asked for your real credentials whenThe website asks for credentials. Also in this case your security settings area will be ignored.


    Registration Information

    To solve this problem, you create one of the street registries. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Click Start, type regedit, press Enter. Then

    2. find, select, I would say, the following registry subkey:

    3. Choose New from the menu, then choose Multiline Value.AuthForwardServerList,

    4. Click, then enter media.You menu

    5. In Edit, click Edit.

    6. regedit webclient parameters

      In the Value field, enter the full URL of the server that the share is running on. in Then Internet, click OK. Can


      You also enter a shopping list URL in the Value File field. More information can be found in the “URL List Examples” section of specific articles.

    7. Exit Registry Editor.

    URL List Example

    In the Current Data Values ​​field for the For Others entry, you can enter different URLs Addresses as below:

  • https://*
  • http://*
  • *
  • This list of URLs allows the WebClient service to send credentials through the following channels:

  • Any encrypted channel to your child custom domain, a domain named
  • Any insecure channel to a domain subdomain, anyone practically whose name is
  • anything better than a server whose name ends in
  • What To Avoid In The Most Important URLs

  • Don’t add an asterisk (*) to the end of a new URL. This may pose a security risk to your computer. For example, not URL:
    http://* use*

  • Do not add an asterisk (*) before or after the fairy line. This may cause the WebClient service to send user credentials so that you can use additional servers. Likely, For example, don’t use the following URLs:

  • http://*

    For example, the service element also sends user information to

  • http://Contoso*.com

    For example, this active service also sends user credentials associated with http://Contosoextra_characters

  • In the list, sort the non-url device name c and . For example, don’t use this URL:
    http://* specific.contoso.Complete [email protected]

  • Don’t append a backslash to a URL in a list of URLs, and don’t include a share name or ports to use. To not use URLs:

  • http://*
  • http://*
  • http://*
  • Don’t use IPv6 list in URLs.

  • Status

    Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem with the Microsoft programs listed at the beginning of this article.

  • 4 minutes playback
  • If the URL does not include a dot before the server name, as in the following example, the server is simply considered its own site on the intranet: http://sharepoint/davshare .

    regedit webclient parameters

    Servers can be specified either by the bypass list or by the bypass proxy setup script for the proxy.

    This section, Method or Career, contains the stepsto show you how easy it is to modify the registry. However, if the registry is handled incorrectly, serious problems can indeed arise. Therefore, be sure to follow these steps in full. For additional protection, back up this special registry before modifying it. You can then restore the registry as if the problem had occurred. To learn more about backing up and restoring the registry, click the appropriate article number to view How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

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