The Best Way To Fix Memory Leaks While Running A Workflow

The Best Way To Fix Memory Leaks While Running A Workflow

Sometimes your system may display an error code indicating a memory leak while running a workflow. This problem can have several causes.

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    I’m maintaining a great app that loads XAML functions into workflows at runtime.

    I’m trying to solve this problem because the application is running, the memory is not freed, and over time the application often throws a memory related system exception and dies.

    I used the Ants 3 memory profiler to see what was causing the memory to be busy, spreading all objects.

    1. I need to replace the moving names of the workflow files transferred from the repository with the names of the steps to avoid naming conflicts during playback. It becomes an unavailable operation


    Color=”#2b91af” TextReader xml)

    stringColor=”#2b91af” XmlDocumentDocument matches new< span size ="2"> XmlDocument();


    XmlNamespaceManager nsManager matches new Span < size="2">XmlNamespaceManager(document.NameTable);


    Color=”#a31515″ Size=”2″ , size=”2″>”x”“”);XmlNodeList = nodes document.SelectNodes(“//*[@x :Name]”, nsManager);foreach size=”2″>XmlNode in nodes )


    “x:Name”].InnerText =string.Format(, size=”2″>”Activity0″ size=”2″>Guid “-“, color=”#a31515″ size=”2″>”_”));

    TextReader textReader= size=”2″>new(document size=”2″>StringReaderreturn Size=”2″> TextReader;



    class WorkflowRuntimeWrapper: – Color=”#2b91af”


    IWorkflowRuntimeprivate WorkflowRuntime execution;publicWorkflowRuntimeWrapper()

    Run timesame

    newColor=”#2b91af” WorkflowRuntime < scope="2" >();
    workflow runtime memory leak

    runtime.ServicesExceptionNotHandled +=

    new color=”#2b91af” size=”2″>handler events <>(runtime_ServicesExceptionNotHandled);

    runtime size=”2″>ServicesExceptionNotHandledEventArgs

    new color=”# 2b91af” EventHandler size=”2″>WorkflowRuntimeEventArgs<>(runtime_Started);

    runtime.Stopped +=

    new size=”2″>handler events Size=”2″><WorkflowRuntimeEventArgs>(runtime_Stopped);
    workflow runtime memory leak

    running.+= workflow

    new Color=”#2b91af” EventHandler Size=”2″><WorkflowEventArgs>(runtime_WorkflowAborted);

    runtime.+= workflowcompleted Color=”#0000ff”

    size=”2″>newprocessor events WorkflowCompletedEventArgs>(runtime_WorkflowCompleted);

    runtime.WorkflowCreated +=

    newEventHandler color=”# 2b91af” size=”2″><WorkflowEventArgs>(runtime_WorkflowCreated);

    runtime.WorkflowIdled +=

    new Color=”#2b91af” EventHandler WorkflowEventArgs<>(runtime_WorkflowIdled);

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  • runtime.loaded += workflow

    new EventHandler color=”#2b91af” size=”2″><WorkflowEventArgs>(runtime_WorkflowLoaded);

    runtime.WorkflowPersisted += Color=”#0000ff”

    new EventHandler <WorkflowEventArgs>(runtime_WorkflowPersisted);

    runtime.WorkflowResumed += Color=”#0000ff”

    newColor=”#2b91af” size=”2″>EventHandler WorkflowEventArgs>(runtime_WorkflowResumed);

    runtime.WorkflowStarted += Color=”#0000ff”

    newhandler events <WorkflowEventArgs>(runtime_WorkflowStarted);

    runtime.WorkflowSuspended += Color=”#0000ff”

    newEventHandler size=”2″>color=”#2b91af” Size=”2″><WorkflowSuspendedEventArgs>(runtime_WorkflowSuspended);

    runtime.WorkflowTerminated += Color=”#0000ff” Size=”2″>

    new handler <WorkflowTerminatedEventArgs>(runtime_WorkflowTerminated);

    runtime.WorkflowUnloaded +=

    new handler events Size=”2″><>(runtime_WorkflowUnloaded);

    and size=”2″>WorkflowEventArgs

    But my problems remain

    Does anyone have any comments, suggestions, or solutions to this problem?



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